W3C Publishes an HTML5 Spec for Web Developers

By | September 15, 2015

Chances are, despite embracing the tools therein, you’ve probably never read the HTML5 spec. We don’t blame you. Frankly the worst part of this job is when we have to translate gibberish from the actual HTML5 spec into words normal humans can understand.

The problem is that the HTML5 spec is written for browser makers, not web developers, and contains highly technical and very esoteric language.

Earlier this year the WHATWG released a much more readable “web developer edition” of the HTML5 spec. Now, not to be outdone, the W3C’s HTML Working Group has published a draft of its own more readable spec, the HTML5: Edition for Web Authors.

The W3C’s web developer version of the spec is still more technical than the WHATWG’s version, and nowhere near as nice to look at, but at least you can read the HTML5 spec without all the notes about conformance criteria and other browser maker-specific lingo.

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