Twitter API and jQuery Showcase: Display your Followers or Friends

By | July 31, 2015

Today I was playing around with the Twitter API and created this little “widget” using jQuery and PHP. I know, there are already plenty of them, but I wanted to improve some details.

Some of the features are:

  • You can get your most recent 100 followers or friends
  • Followers or friends are shown in sets of 25 per widget page
  • The images of the users are preloaded (unlike in Twitter)
  • You can navigate through the set
  • You can refresh the entire set
  • More information on the user can be seen using a tooltip when hovering over his picture

You can configure and use this in your website to show your followers or friends with some interesting information about them (name, number of followers, number of friends).

A reason why 100 followers or friends are loaded in the beginning is the restriction the Twitter API is giving in the number of results per request. So, in order not to make several requests which would take quite some time, I just get 100. However, you can always click the link to the entire list in the end of the pagination.

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