This Monkey’s Gone To Heaven — We Are Now ‘Compiler’

By | September 11, 2015

As you’ve probably noticed, we changed the name of this blog today. While the change appeared quite suddenly, it’s long overdue.

Monkey Bites first appeared in 1999 as a daily feature on the front door of Webmonkey, Wired Digital’s web development resource site. The Monkey Bites slot was a home for daily news and entertaining tidbits from around the web. Funky art projects, new software releases, cool sites, HTML tips — basically, anything that caught the eyes of the Webmonkeys.

The content in the little blue box was hand-coded, too. Webmonkey’s long-time managing editor Evany Thomas imagineered Monkey Bites as a nod at the burgeoning blog movement, of which we were very disparaging at the time (“Can’t they just learn HTML?”). Valiantly pushing .htmlf fragment files full of hand-culled links only added to our feelings of superiority and self-satisfaction.

But by 2005, the command line routine started feeling pretty old. So, we made the jump and launched Monkey Bites as a blog on Wired News. The original idea was to extend the tutorials and how-tos we were publishing on Webmonkey. But when we started covering daily software news, it quickly grew into something even more worthwhile and vibrant.

This new direction as a daily news outlet was cemented when Conde Nast purchased Wired News in mid-2006. Wired News made the move over to its new home and took the blog (and its authors) with it. Sadly, Webmonkey stayed behind at Lycos, where it still survives, uncurated.

And now we’ve cut the last remaining thread to the Webmonkey brand. Really, it’s about time. While we occasionally publish how-tos and instructional pieces — Scott and I are builders at heart — this blog has been devoted to daily news coverage ever since the Conde Nast acquisition. Our aim is to continue to bring you news about Web software, services and communities. Plus the occasional sexy bicycle photo or missive on Kafka. Hey, we have broad interests.

The Monkey Bites name will linger in the URL for a while to minimize disruption, but look for Compiler in the blog directory and in the site menus.

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