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Web Typography Tutorial

Though many outside the design community see type as “just lines on a page,” it has long been considered an art form, as well as a potent form of communication with a stylistic language all its own.

From the calligraphy schools of ancient China to the explosive new forms of David Carson, it’s clear that type is more than just a vehicle for conveying information to the user. If done right, type can be one of the most powerful tools for shaping the way an audience perceives written information, written information such as these very fiery-hot words you see before you.

The pages that follow are your mini-guidebook to the strange and magical land of type. Your guide on this tour is Webmonkey Nadav, the designer with a human-friendly touch.

Nadav has divided this tutorial into two sections. In the first lesson, Nadav provides a gentle introduction to typography to give you a basic overview of how type works. The second lesson examines the challenges specific to using type on Web page: How to make it legible on a computer screen? Which type technologies do you need to master to control the fonts on your pages? Nadav reveals answers to those questions, and more!

So read on, and let what’s sure to be a long, beautiful relationship with type begin!