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PHP Mail Function

Send Mail in PHP PHP provides inbuilt function known as mail() function which allow you to send mail directly from your program. This function returns TRUE on success and FALSE when failed. Mail function accept 5 parameters like to, subject, message, headers and  extra parameters. Syntax mail(to,subject,message,headers,parameters) Name Required Description to Yes Mail Address of the receiver or receivers subject Yes Subject… Read More »

PHP Array

Introduction to Array When creating long, complex programs, it sometimes becomes difficult to access certain elements in a program. for example there is a limitation for using variables in a program: when you declare a variable, you can assign only one value to it. In certain case , you may want to declare hundreds of variables and… Read More »

PHP Loops

Introduction to Loops in PHP Using Loops in PHP Loops are an vital part of a programming language. Typically the need to use loops in a program occur when you want to execute a piece of code repeatedly until a desired condition is achieved. There are many control structures that can be use to implement looping in a program. The While… Read More »

HTML Video

Play Video in HTML Page You can add audio or video to your html page. Either you can add video from www.youtube.com or you can add you own video by uploading the same to your own web server. But it is a bit tricky to show videos in your web page, and it is a little complicated to make it works in all browser. Browser… Read More »

Enterprise Customized Software

“We always ready to take challenges in giving customized solutions  .” SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Software is not useful until it fulfills the end requirements. Customization thus is empirical aspect of today’s business world. Customization helps the client to achieve what is required. Client being the end user knows what is actually required. A precise communication with… Read More »