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PHP Logical Operator

Logical Operators The Logical operators are used in PHP to determine the status of condition . When you use if…else or while statements, logical operator execute code based on the status of a condition .In this section, we will discuss only two logical operators: The and operate (&&) is used when a statement has two condition to be checked. If both thecondition are true , the statement is true,. The or operator… Read More »

PHP Operators

Introducing Operators In the previous section you learned about variables, data type, and constant and how to declare them. However, to use or declare variables or constants you need operators. The fallowing problem and itssolution explain the use of operators. Identify the operators to be used Operators are an integral part of any programming language, they are symbol that represent a specific action.… Read More »

PHP Variables

Introducing Variables What is Variable? Variables are known to hold data that can change during runtime of a program. The following are few important factor about PHP variables – A PHP variable should declared using a dollar sign followed by variable name. – A variable name can start with an underscore or with a letter. – PHP variables are case… Read More »

Introduction to PHP

What is PHP? PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is one of the first growing, free and platform independent server side scripting language. PHP is very easy to understand and user friendly programming language. The first version of PHP was released in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdof. Sample PHP code <?php echo “This is my first line.”; ?> Lets examine this code… Read More »