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PHP Array Sort Functions

The elements in an array can be either be sort ascending, descending, alphabetical and numerical order. Lets discuss the different sort function used in PHP. – sort() – used to sort arrays in ascending order. – rsort() – used to sort arrays in descending order. – asort() – used to sort associative arrays in ascending order as per values. – ksort() – used to sort associative arrays in ascending order as per key.… Read More »

PHP Array

Introduction to Array When creating long, complex programs, it sometimes becomes difficult to access certain elements in a program. for example there is a limitation for using variables in a program: when you declare a variable, you can assign only one value to it. In certain case , you may want to declare hundreds of variables and… Read More »

PHP Loops

Introduction to Loops in PHP Using Loops in PHP Loops are an vital part of a programming language. Typically the need to use loops in a program occur when you want to execute a piece of code repeatedly until a desired condition is achieved. There are many control structures that can be use to implement looping in a program. The While… Read More »

PHP Control Structures

Introduction to Control Structures When you start writing programs in PHP, you will realize the importance of using control structures. They are use to control how a structure will be executed, adding useful functionality to the PHP code and making it more flexible. Condition and Statements Control structure are usually based on condition and therefore always have condition associated with them… Read More »

PHP Logical Operator

Logical Operators The Logical operators are used in PHP to determine the status of condition . When you use if…else or while statements, logical operator execute code based on the status of a condition .In this section, we will discuss only two logical operators: The and operate (&&) is used when a statement has two condition to be checked. If both thecondition are true , the statement is true,. The or operator… Read More »