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PHP Increment/decrement Operator

Incrementing and Decrementing Operators There are two types of incrementing and decrementing operators, post incrementing/decrementing operators and pre incrementing /decrementing operators. Post incrementing operators are placed after a variable name, and pre incrementing /decrementing operators are placed before the name. Operator Usage Output Post incrementing $a++; Returns the value of $a and then adds 1 to the value… Read More »

PHP Comparison Operator

Comparison Operators This operator is used to compare two given values. Name Symbol Usage Description Equal to == $a==$b The value of $a is equal to the value of $b. Not equal to != $a != $b The value of $a is not equal to the value of $b. Less than < $a <$b The value of… Read More »

HTML Audio

Play Audio in HTML Page You can add audio or video to your html page. Either you can add video from www.youtube.com or you can add you own video by uploading the same to your own web server. But it is a bit tricky to show videos in your web page, and it is a little complicated to make it works in… Read More »

Responsive Webpage Layout

Responsive Webpage Layout Design Lets create our first responsive web page. As we discuss before our layout should auto resize in different screen resolution and should work fine in different device like computers, iPads and phones. Click here to view list of devise and screen resolution in pixels. HTML Code: <body> <div> <!– Heasder Starts Here –> <header> <div> <!– Head section goes… Read More »

Web Promotion Services

“IWCn Team includes some of the most qualified specialists in the industry” HIGH QUALITY DESIGNS Nobody would disagree that the internet has produced wonderful innovations in the last 10 years, but believe it or not it is still in its infancy. Tickled periodically by the global economic downturn the internet is still booming and there… Read More »