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PHP Control Structures

Introduction to Control Structures When you start writing programs in PHP, you will realize the importance of using control structures. They are use to control how a structure will be executed, adding useful functionality to the PHP code and making it more flexible. Condition and Statements Control structure are usually based on condition and therefore always have condition associated with them… Read More »

PHP Logical Operator

Logical Operators The Logical operators are used in PHP to determine the status of condition . When you use if…else or while statements, logical operator execute code based on the status of a condition .In this section, we will discuss only two logical operators: The and operate (&&) is used when a statement has two condition to be checked. If both thecondition are true , the statement is true,. The or operator… Read More »

PHP String Operator

String Operator When you start writing PHP code, you will realize the importance of string operators. PHP uses twokinds of string operators, concatenation (.) the dot sign and concatenating assignment (.=) the dot and equal to sign.The concatenation operator is used when you want to combine the left and right argument between which the operator is placed. The concatenating… Read More »

PHP Increment/decrement Operator

Incrementing and Decrementing Operators There are two types of incrementing and decrementing operators, post incrementing/decrementing operators and pre incrementing /decrementing operators. Post incrementing operators are placed after a variable name, and pre incrementing /decrementing operators are placed before the name. Operator Usage Output Post incrementing $a++; Returns the value of $a and then adds 1 to the value… Read More »

PHP Comparison Operator

Comparison Operators This operator is used to compare two given values. Name Symbol Usage Description Equal to == $a==$b The value of $a is equal to the value of $b. Not equal to != $a != $b The value of $a is not equal to the value of $b. Less than < $a <$b The value of… Read More »