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PHP Arithmetic Operator

Arithmetic operators Arithmetic operators are used to perform elementary mathematical calculation and are used when value of variable declare in integer type. Name Example Output Addition $a+$b The sum of $a and $b Subtraction $a-$b The difference between $a and $b Multiplication $a*$b The product of $a and $b Division $a/$b The quotient of $a and $b Modules $a%$b The remainder… Read More »

PHP Compound Data Type

PHP consist of two compound types, arrays and objects. Arrays Arrays are special types of variables that can store more than one value. Arrays are useful when you need to store related variables data under one variable name. An array can be declare in fallowing way: $arr-name [key]= value; In the above statement arr_name is the name of the… Read More »

Media Width/ Device Width

Responsive Web Design Media Width Viewport Size The Following table shows screen resolution for different devices. For more detail please visit wikipedia. It is always better to write your media query in your CSS file for the following resolutions. 320px, 480px, 600px, 800px, 960px, 1024px and 1280px+. Click here to know how to crate a css file for responsive web design. Device Name With Resolution Company Model Diagonal… Read More »

Media Queries

How to create media queries in Responsive Web We need to write our media query for the following resolutions in our css file.  320px,  480px,  600px,  800px,  960px, 1024px and 1280px+.  So @media will from 320px to 479px,  480px to 599px, 600px to 767px,  768px to 959px,  960px to 1023px, 1024px to 1279px and lastly the default css which… Read More »

Enterprise Resource Planning

“Optimize the company’s business processes by IWCn ERPs” OBJECTIVES IWCn offers ERP modules implementation for companies that look for strengthening their competitive edge with smart technology and business process engineering.To address your business needs IWCn offers scalable and cost-effective solutions approach and relevant industry/domain experience.