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PHP Compound Data Type

PHP consist of two compound types, arrays and objects. Arrays Arrays are special types of variables that can store more than one value. Arrays are useful when you need to store related variables data under one variable name. An array can be declare in fallowing way: $arr-name [key]= value; In the above statement arr_name is the name of the… Read More »

HTML iframe

Ifrems are used to show website inside a HTML page. <iframe src=”URL”></iframe> Iframe and the Attribute: Align: You can use left, right, top, middle or bottom to align the Iframe. <iframe src=”URL” align=”left”></iframe> Frameborder: You can use 0/1 to hide or display frame border. You can also use no/ yes. <iframe src=”URL” align=”left” frameborder=”0″></iframe> Height: You can set iframe height either in… Read More »

HTML Video

Play Video in HTML Page You can add audio or video to your html page. Either you can add video from www.youtube.com or you can add you own video by uploading the same to your own web server. But it is a bit tricky to show videos in your web page, and it is a little complicated to make it works in all browser. Browser… Read More »

HTML Images

To show images in your HTML pages, you can use <img> tag. You can use .jpg, .gif, .png images in you web page. Always use compress image like jpg, gif and png images for faster loading and betterresults. Img tag and it’s Attributes: Src: This is used to define the path of the image file that you want to show in your web… Read More »

HTML5 Elements

In the previous chapter we have discussed about some of the basic HTML 4 elements. Apart form those HTML 5 has introduced some other useful elements and tags and also some of the old elements removed in HTML 5. Let’s discuss those in detail. HTML 5 New Elements <canvas> <details> <datagrid> <menu> <summary> Defines a visible heading… Read More »