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PHP Compound Data Type

PHP consist of two compound types, arrays and objects. Arrays Arrays are special types of variables that can store more than one value. Arrays are useful when you need to store related variables data under one variable name. An array can be declare in fallowing way: $arr-name [key]= value; In the above statement arr_name is the name of the… Read More »

PHP Variables

Introducing Variables What is Variable? Variables are known to hold data that can change during runtime of a program. The following are few important factor about PHP variables – A PHP variable should declared using a dollar sign followed by variable name. – A variable name can start with an underscore or with a letter. – PHP variables are case… Read More »

HTML Special Characters

The table display the list of HTML Special Characters with Number and Name. Though in different character set the special characters looks like box or different shapes it is a best practices to use number or name in place of special characters. Character Entity Number Entity Name “ &#34; &quot; ‘ &#39; &apos; & &#38; &amp; < &#60;… Read More »

HTML Colors

You can define HTML colors as string, number or hexadecimal value. But it is always recommended to define the value as hexadecimal. All browser supports hexadecimal color codes. RGB Colors: RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue. The HTML format for a RGB value is rgb (Value of RED, Value of GREEN, Value of BLUE). The value range are from 0 to… Read More »

HTML Tables

Tables are defined with the <table> tag. A table is divided into rows (<tr>), and each row is divided into cells (<td>). The cell can contain text, images, lists, paragraphs, forms, horizontal rules, tables, etc. Example: <table> <tr> <td>&nbsp;</td> </tr> </table> Tables and the Attribute: Border: If you do not specify a border attribute the table will be displayed without any borders. Sometimes this can be… Read More »