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PHP Array All Functions

PHP Array Functions The following list show the different function used in an array. – array_change_key_case : Changes all keys in an array – array_chunk : Used to split an array into pieces. – array_column : Used to return the values from a single column in the input array – array_combine : Used to creates an array by using one array for keys and another for its values. – array_count_values : Used to counts all the values of… Read More »

PHP Function

Introduction to function A function is a part of independent code that can be use to perform any specific task. Function are use to get the required output. The output entirely depends on the code you specified in it. You can call the same function as many time as you want in the same page. A function does the fallowing things: Accept value… Read More »

PHP String Operator

String Operator When you start writing PHP code, you will realize the importance of string operators. PHP uses twokinds of string operators, concatenation (.) the dot sign and concatenating assignment (.=) the dot and equal to sign.The concatenation operator is used when you want to combine the left and right argument between which the operator is placed. The concatenating… Read More »

PHP Comparison Operator

Comparison Operators This operator is used to compare two given values. Name Symbol Usage Description Equal to == $a==$b The value of $a is equal to the value of $b. Not equal to != $a != $b The value of $a is not equal to the value of $b. Less than < $a <$b The value of… Read More »

PHP Arithmetic Operator

Arithmetic operators Arithmetic operators are used to perform elementary mathematical calculation and are used when value of variable declare in integer type. Name Example Output Addition $a+$b The sum of $a and $b Subtraction $a-$b The difference between $a and $b Multiplication $a*$b The product of $a and $b Division $a/$b The quotient of $a and $b Modules $a%$b The remainder… Read More »