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By | April 9, 2016

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RTOP is an Online Table Booking, POS, Online Ordering, Events Managing System which help Restaurants to Manage All Booking Details POS and Sales . Suits new or existing restaurants to increase their sales. It is User friendly platform where users easily can booking their dinner tables, check events and order online food.

Features :

  • Easy To Manage and Use.
  • Completely user oriented and can make users stay on website for a long time.
  • System is automatic , so you do not need to worry about anything : it does its calculation and building of data on its own.
  • Helps new or existing restaurants to increase their sales.
  • Its Very User Friendly.
  • Very Easy to order online food from here.
  • Here restaurants can add photos of their restaurants as many as they want.
  • Invoicing/POS for restaurants and profile management.
  • Social media integration.
  • Fast , responsive and secured.

RTOP has some Main Features which we would like to show you.

Main Features :

  • Home : There is Banner of RESTAURANTE which directly come from Banner Setting in Admin.  At home there is an option from where Users can Book table for their breakfast, lunch and dinner. For Users, table booking is very easy where user just have to enter some details like Name, No. of persons, Date, time, email and phone no.
  • Event : Event is second page of Rtop. Event is the option where Users can see all the details about upcoming events of that Restaurant with Photos. In Event Section all the details can be seen is Event Name, Event Posted by, Event’s Time, Date & Location, some importants information about event which  can be seen in Description if have any.
  • Menu : Menu is third page of Rtop. Menu is a place from where user can see all the Dishes which Restaurant Serves & Users can order their food. Its very easy process. User can order the food by clicking on ADD Button, then enter own address details and checkout. Their is and option OPEN FULL PAGE MENU from where we can see full menu just like a book.
  • Testimonial : Testimonial is forth page of Rtop. Testimonial is a phase where all users see Views of clients and cuutomers about Restaurant and Environment of Place, Taste and Quality of Foods, Services of Restaurant etc.
  • About : About is fifth page of Rtop. About is a place where users can see information about Restaurants. Here users can see the information about restaurant like starting of restaurant, places, specialities and many other details which is provided by Manager/Owner of the restaurant.
  • Gallery : Gallery is sixth page of Rtop. Gallery is where all can see all & different photos of restaurant. Here we can see all the photos which is in gallery and provided by restaurant. We can also see photos  in big size by clicking on photos.
  • Contact : We can see Address & other Contact details which is Email address and Phone number of Restaurant. Here we can see Opening and Closing Time of Restaurant. On the left side of page is a Contact Form by the help of it users and other restaurants can send their questions and quieries to restaurant. Icon of Fackbook, twitter etc. where we can easily contact with Social media.

Admin is a place from where Rtop can be Managed. Admin Refers to administrator or staff that is responsible for maintaining the platform.  Admin is very easy to maintain.  From here administrator or staff of restaurant can Add and Manage Events, Invoices, Users, Booking of Tables and other Features of Rtop.

Admin RTOP has some Features which we would like to show you.

Main Features :

  • Home : Home is an main phase of admin here all the details of restaurants can be seen.
    • Total Food Category,
    • Total Food Items,
    • Total Room,
    • Total Tables,
    • Total Clients,
    • Total Invoices,
    • Total Events,
    • Total Testimonial,
    • Invoices List
  • About Us : About us is an place where a Restaurant can write about the details of restaurant. Here a administrator or staff of restaurant can add information about restaurant with formatting. Here restaurant can add information about restaurant like starting of restaurant, places, specialities and many other details.
  • Food List : Restaurant can Add & See their all dishes which they serve in their restaurant. These dishes can be seen as a Menu in Main site.
    • View Foods : Here Restaurants can see All menu with their information as Category of Dishes, Name, Details, Price etc.
    • Add a New Food : Restaurants can Add new dishes from here with the photos of dishes.
  • Bookings/Tables : Bookings and Table is a place where a Restaurant can easily Manage Pending and Completed Bookings of customers. Three phases of this section:
    • Manage Tables : From Here Restaurants can see tables with details of Room no., Position of table etc.  Restaurant can Add new tables by Add a New Table option.
    • Pending Bookings : Pending bookings is a place where restaurant can see full list of their pending & new bookings of tables. From Here restaurant can Assign available table to new or pending booking clients by Assign Table option.
    • Completed Bookings : Here Restaurant can see full list of All the Completed Booking and Mark them as Guest Arrived.
  • POS/ Invoices : You can Add and see Invoices and bills of customers. Two phases of this section :
    • Add Invoices : From here restaurant can easily create new invoices just by Adding quantities of required dishes from menu, Select Client from drop-down and Select type of Payment.
    • View Invoices : Here Restaurant can see All invoices list with details Date of Invoices, Client name, Payment type and prices of invoice.
  • Events : Restaurants can See their Added events lists and Can Add New Scheduled Upcoming Events by Add Event option with Events photos if they any have.
  • Testimonials : You can see Views of clients and customers about Restaurant, Taste and Quality of Foods, Services of Restaurant etc and Can Add New Testimonials of Clients with their photos and details by Add Testimonial option.
  • Users : Users is an place from where restaurant can see All the clients and Administrator list with their full details. Here restaurant can Add New Users by Add New User option with details Email, Phone no., password, etc.
  • Gallery : where all can see all & different photos of restaurant. From here restaurant can Add new photos of their restaurant as many as they want by Add Image option.
  • Setting : Can add their all the details which users can find useful in Contact  page in main site and Can Add Logo and Banner of Restaurant.
    • Website Setting : In Website setting restaurant can Add their information and other contact details Email, Phone no. etc. Here Restaurant can update their logo and can set Opening and closing hours of restaurant.
    • Banner Setting : Banner setting is an option from here restaurant can add main Banner of their restaurant Which can be Seen on Home page of Site.
    • Social Media : Here Restaurant can add their link of Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google+, etc Which is directly connected with Social media Icon from Contact Page in Main site.
  • Queries : This is the place here restaurant can see all the Contacts List from Queries List of Customers.. Here restaurant can see all the Messages received from customers and other persons with their email addresses.

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