PHP Logical Operator


Logical Operators

The Logical operators are used in PHP to determine the status of condition . When you use if…else or while statements, logical operator execute code based on the status of a condition .In this section, we will discuss only two logical operators:

The and operate (&&) is used when a statement has two condition to be checked. If both thecondition are true , the statement is true,.

The or operator ( || ) is also used when a statement has two condition is true, the statement is true.

  $a = 10;
  $b = 15;
  $c = $a + $b;
  if( ($a > 5) && $c < 20 ){
    echo "Value of c is less than 20";
  }else {
    echo "Value of c is more than 20"; 

The Output of the above code is: Value of c is more than 20

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