Microsoft, Atari Bring Arcade Classics to the Web

By | September 14, 2015

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team has partnered with Atari to re-imagine classic Atari games for the modern web. That’s right, Centipede, Asteroids, Missile Command and half a dozen more all re-written using HTML5 and JavaScript.

If you’d like to play, point your browser to the new Atari Arcade and enjoy the glory of Pong, Super Breakout and the rest of the Atari back catalog.

While the games look a bit different — the graphics aren’t exactly what you might remember from the arcades of your youth, hence the “re-imagining” — the game play is faithful to the originals, especially on a touch screen where the controls are more like the classic arcade button layouts.

For those curious to know how it all works, the answer is largely CreateJS, though for full details be sure toread through the developer documentation. You can even create your own HTML5 Game on top of the new Atari Arcade SDK.

For more details on how it all works check out the video below featuring developer Grant Skinner and the rest of the team behind Atari Arcade.

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