jQuery Image Cropper with Uploader

By | August 3, 2015

Some time ago I posted the Dynamic jQuery Image Gallery with Uploader which uses the class.upload, uploadify and ad-gallery scripts. This time I want to show how to integrate the class.upload and uploadify with the Jcrop script.

The idea is that the user uploads a picture,  selects which area to crop and saves it under a specific directory.
The process then creates two images, one 100×100 and a thumbnail of 50×50. You can easly change the script to create the amount of pictures and sizes you need!

The example here is limited to .jpg images and no more than 800 kb. If you want to add more file types and increase the size, you can configure it when you call the uploadify script (index.php):

'fileExt'         : '*.jpg',
'sizeLimit'      : '819200',//max size bytes - 800kb

and in upload.php:

$handle->file_max_size = '819200'; // max size

Note that an usual error is due to the configuration of the “memory_limit” in php.ini. You should increase this value if you expect to upload larger images.

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