HTML Lists


To create bulleted lines of text you can use HTML lists. Unordered lists (bullets), ordered lists (numbers) and definition lists (think: dictionaries) are three different types of HTML Lists.
Click here to know how to styling List in CSS.

Unordered lists (bullets): The <ul> tag

   <li>Java Script</li>

The different type of Unordered list are square, circle and disc.

<ul type="square">
<ul type="circle">
<ul type="disc">

Numbered/Ordered List: The <ol> tag

    <li>Java Script</li>

The different type of Numbered list are letters and Roman Numbers.

<ol type="a">
<ol type="A">
<ol type="i">
<ol type="I">

You can also change the start number

<ol start="7">

Definition Term Lists: The <dl> tag

<dl> – opening clause that defines the start of the list
<dt> – list item that defines the definition term
<dd> – definition of the list item

   <dd>- Hyper Text Markup Language</dd>
   <dd>- Cascading Style Sheets</dd>

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