Google Releases Closure JavaScript Tools For Building Slick Interfaces

By | September 10, 2015

Now, you can do the same crazy user interface stuff Google does on sites like Gmail and Google Docs on your own website.

The company announced it is releasing its Closure toolset under and open-source license on Thursday. The core pieces are the Closure Library, which contains the actual scripts themselves, the Closure Compiler, which optimizes and compresses the JavaScript code and the Closure Templates, which are pre-built templates for elements you can snap together to build your website’s interface. There’s also a JavaScript inspector.

It’s often hard to remember, but when Gmail first arrived on the scene in 2004, it was something entirely new. Ajax wasn’t as widely used yet, and Gmail showed off what a JavaScript-powered web app could do in a simple and straightforward way. Not only was it a great productivity tool, but the way it refreshed and allowed drag-and-drop seemed, to many of us, like magic. It turned the webmail inbox — and the web app rule book — upside down.

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