Ctrl Billing Software For Windows

By | December 15, 2016


Cntrl Billing Quick n Fast Billing/Invoicing Software with special featured reports, stock information and easy invoicing for any industry. Software that allows any company or even a small store to generate an invoice for their customers as well as maintain an eye on stocks. Generate Sales as well as service Invoice. Searching a previous customer has never been so fast and so easy with any reference even a mobile no. helps you find details of previous customers. Facility for user that they can easily mention taxes and discounts if you are providing on product basis. Reports being generated based on Invoices, quotations, Sales reports Monthly Annually, Product wise as well. Printing Capability with all paper size printing papers. Accept and allows you to main replacements and returns easily. Don’t worry about your data been lost its easy to back up and restore data. Sample import file provide to import data from your old software.

Steps after installation: If you want to import data from your old software to new one 1.Download the sample product list file. 2.Download the sample client’s list file. 3.Arrange your data in just the same sequence as mentioned in the file. 4.Import the data using the sections provided and you have the data in the system. If you want to backup and restore data from one workstation to another 1.Create a backup of the data using link to Backup Data. 2.Click Restore Data and open the backup file previously created by our system. 3.After you are done with process you will be at the stage where you left it on the old workstation.

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