Containers and shipper management system

By | May 6, 2014

What is Dispatch? Dispatch is a software for container, courier and shipping company who needs to maintain daily records of their clients , containers, drivers etc

Old days of tiresome process of managing are gone ! Its time to DISPATCH


link :

user : admin

pass : admin


Add Runs : Add Information about Delivery Select Trip : Select Trip Type which you want to use for Business.

Empty Truck : Select Yes or No Option for Define that Your Truck is Emtry or Not.

Emtry Container : Select Yes or No Option for Define for Container is Emtry or Not.

Container’s Type : Select type of Your Container

Container’s Number : Select container Number which you have added.

Materials Name : Select Type of Material.

Driver’s Name : Select Driver Name who is doing Delivery of the Containers.

Client’s Name : Select Client name from your Client list, whom the delivery will be going.

Date D1 : Add Dispatch date of Containers for Delivery.

Date D2 : Add last date of Delivery.

Completed Run History : See complete Delivery’s History Container : View All Container’s Type

Container Number : View Container’s Numbers

Driver : View Driver’s Name, who is Delivery Containers

Customer : View Customer’s Name, whom to Containers are Delivered

Materials : View Material’s Name

Destination : View Delivery address of Containers

Current Location : View Current location of Truck, there truck is present.

Date : View Delivery date

Edit : Edit Information

Delete : Delete Delivery form History

Status : See Current Status of delivery

Pending Runs : See Pending Delivery’s History Trip : View All Types of Trip

Container Number : View Container’s Number

Client : View Client’s Name

Materials : View Material’s Name

Current Location : View Current location.

Destination : View Delivery address of Containers

Delivery Date : View Delivery date

Edit : Edit Information about Delivery

Status : See Current Status of delivery

Assign Containers Number : Add Number of Containers with Container’s type. Container’s Number : Write Number of Container which is provied on Container.

Container’s Type : Select Type of Containers

Add Container’s Type : Add Container’s Type Container’s Type : Add Container Type which you want to add in your Container type list.

View Containers : View All Information About Containers. Container’s Number : View All Container’s Number

Container’s Type : View Container’s type

Delete : Delete Containers which you want to delete from data.

Add Customers : Add Customers Information Name : Add Customers Name.

Username : Add Customers Username which is Shown in system

Email : Add email id which you can use to login in Customers account.

Password : Add password of Customer’s account.

Address : Add Address of Customer.

Phone : Add Customer’s Phone Number.

View Customers : View Customers Information Name : View All Customers Name

Username : View Customer’s Usernames

Email : View Login Email Id of Customers

Password : View Password in Letters or Numbers of Customers account in which have added.

Address : View Customers Addresses

Phone : View Customer Phone Numbers.

Edit : Click on Edit button To edit Customers Information

Delete : Click on Delete button to delete Customers form account

Add Drivers : Add Driver’s Details Driver’s Name : Add Driver’s Name

Address : Add Address of Drivers

Phone : Add Phone Number of driver

View Drivers : View All Driver’s Details in One List. Name : See All Driver’s name.

Address : See Driver’s Address

Phone : View Phone Numbers of Derivers

Edit : Click on Edit button To edit Informations About drivers.

Delete : Click on Delete Button to Delete Driver form your account

Add Materials : Add Material’s Information Material’s Name : Write Material Name which you use in your Business.

Material’s Type : Write Material Type.

View Materials : View Material’s All Information Material’s Name : View All Materials Name which is Enter in your account

Material’s Type : View All Materials Type

Edit : Click on Edit button To edit Material Information

Delete : Click on Delete button To edit to Delete Material from Account which you want to delete.

Add Users : Add User’s Details Username : Add username which will be shown as your account name in this system.

Email : Add email id which you can use to login in your user account.

Password : Add password of User’s account.

Department : Add in which category you belong, as admin etc

View Users : View All User’s Full Details Username : View Username which is you have added.

Email : View Email Id.

Password : View Password in Letters or Numbers in which have added.

Department : View Your Department

Edit : Click on Edit button To edit User Information.

Delete : Click o Delete Button to Delete User Account

Search is Very useful option to Find any thing from the system in less time. Write What you want to Search in Search Box, then Select option from category which you want to select from Customers, Materials, Containers, Drivers. We can Search information about any client or customer with their full informations

Edit Admin : Edit Information about Admin.

Username : Edit Username of Admin

Email : Only Can See Email Id of Admin.

Password : Admin can change password of admin account

Department : Select Department from which admin related.


PHP version >=5.3

Mysql version >= 3.4

Hosting space > 30MB


Just goto your ftp

Extract the downloaded zipped file

Upload the files to your root (ie public_html or subfolder)

Open the link to the folder you uploaded (ie:

An installation page will open up ( Please check is all the fields in requirements table are in green color )

Just enter the database details :

Host : generally localhost , database name , username and password ( you can get these details by loggin into your hosting and navigating to mysql databases wizard )

Click on install and your are done ! Cheers

After installation , please remove install folder and run again

Credentials After installation you will be provided with login credentials

user : admin

pass : admin

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