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shift employee management system

Shift Employee Management System

Shift is an employee management system that allows you to keep records of your employees on the basis of attendance , departments, awards and years

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Old days of tiresome process of managing employees are gone ! It time to SHIFT

In addition to this it also offers clients management , income and expense calculator on the basis of fiscal year


Single click installation

Unlimited Accounts

Light weight PDO Queries

LVC based secured chimpu framework

UI based dynamic charts

Employee Attendance

Employee Awards

Income, expense, client , employee , attendance , awards etc records

First software with fiscal year calculations

Casual , sick, earned , maternity leaves

Working hours,working days, first half second half

Automatic earned leave calculation based on fiscal date

Automatic attendance calculation register based on type of leave , time of leave

Mark attendance with attachment of employee application

Keeps tarck of complete employee performance

Give awards, gifts , most awarded and also keep record of each award

Apart from this keep record of money flow and clients

New way of managing and marking attendance every day

Keep educational , resume and personal records of employees

Each admin user account is accompanied with his/her own records , this means each user will be able to enter his/her records of clients, money, employees separately, there is no inter-relation between two users. This is good to have records of all branches of same company or business at one place.

Filter records for week , days or months with one click
HOME – Shows everything at a glance with beautiful charts and graphs.
USERS – Add system users ie : admin , each user will have his own separate employees , payments , clients etc . Setting and office management menu are same for all users.
PAYMENTS – Add income and expense
AWARDS – Give award to an employee , Check who is the most awarded and what gifts were given to that employee and track earlier awards
EMPLOYEES – Enter personal and official record for employee , manage everything at one place . Single click data editing and organized structure.
CLIENTS – Add prospective or old clients and manage them
DEPARTMENTS – Add departments for your employees .
ATTENDANCE – Leave registers or any old way of recording attendance and let SHIFT do this for you, easily mark attendance , mark absence with application and reason of leave , choose type of leaves , daily attendance register with outstanding features based on fiscal date

PHP version >=5.3.20

Mysql version >= 3.4

Hosting space > 20MB

Demo user : pass : jay


The jQuery Style Slider allows you to change the style of certain html elements in real time and save the style setting to a MySQL database table using PHP. This makes the script interesting for user personalization. The script is based on the jQuery UI Slider Widget and the Sexy Vertical Sliding Panel Using jQuery …

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Flash Design & Presentations

“IWCn has the mastery over Flash Animation tools and given it a new identity..”


IWCn has the ability to actively engage your browsers by capturing their attention in a unique and interactive way that standard HTML sites cannot. We employ techniques that allow search engines to crawl your Flash website, helping you improve your ranking so browsers will find you and discover rich entertaining content that will help convert browsers into customers.

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Logo and Corporate Design

“Designing a good logo is not a simple task and requires a lot of involvement    from the Design Team”


Logo design is the art of creating the graphic design pieces that – if well done – associate a certain combination of shapes and colors with a brand, an idea or a concept. The results of the logo design process will have a major influence in the entire identity of your project, brand or company, as the logo is the most important piece and settles the guidelines (colors, shapes, textures, etc) that will be used for all subsequent graphic design work.

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Graphic Design and Multimedia

“IWCn is fully aware of the importance of a relevant advertising strategy. “


IWCn is first and foremost a creative, youthful and dynamic multimedia Solution company, fully aware of the importance of a relevant advertising strategy. Fully integrated into a competitive advertising cluster, our company puts its talent and savoir-faire to work for your corporate and brand identity, website design and Logo Design. Here at IWCn we make you look good. We offer graphic design in a holistic approach to the branding of your company.

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