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Revamped Readability Rewards Writers [Updated]

Readability, a browser tool which isolates the text on a webpage making it easier to read, has announced it’s moving beyond its humble beginnings to become a “full-fledged reading platform.” Readability will now offer iOS apps and, more importantly, it’s no longer a free tool. The new Readability will cost you a minimum of $5… Read More »

View Mode Switch

A layout switch with two viewing modes: grid and list. The layout is defined by a view class that gets applied to the main wrapper. Some example media queries show how to make things responsive. The HTML <div id=”cbp-vm” class=”cbp-vm-switcher cbp-vm-view-grid”> <div class=”cbp-vm-options”> <a href=”#” class=”cbp-vm-icon cbp-vm-grid cbp-vm-selected” data-view=”cbp-vm-view-grid”>Grid View</a> <a href=”#” class=”cbp-vm-icon cbp-vm-list” data-view=”cbp-vm-view-list”>List… Read More »

12 Recently Released Free WordPress Themes Released Worth Checking Out

Free WordPress themes are being created and released to public all the time but the fact is that the majority of them are pretty awful. Below I’ve compiled a list of what I consider to be 12 free high quality WordPress themes that you should definitely check out. 1. Smashing Multimedia (demo) This theme was designed… Read More »