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Google Adds Pagination Tools to its Bag of Indexing Tricks

The Google Webmaster blog has posted an overview of how to use the often overlooked HTML link elements rel=”next” and rel=”prev” to let Google’s spiders know that something on your site is part of a paginated series. What’s a “paginated series”? As the Webmaster blog writes: Throughout the web, a paginated series of content may… Read More »

‘HTML5 Please’ Helps You Decide Which Parts of HTML5 and CSS 3 to Use

Keeping track of the ever-evolving HTML5 and CSS 3 support in today’s web browsers can be an overwhelming task. Sure you can use CSS animations to create some whiz-bang effects, but should you? Which browsers support it? What should you do about older browsers? The first question can be answered by When Can I Use,… Read More »

Ready or Not, Adaptive-Image Solution Is Now Part of HTML

No one wants to waste bandwidth sending large images over limited mobile pipes, but everyone wants images to look good on the myriad screens connecting to today’s web. Currently web authors use a variety of hacks to (incompletely) work around this problem, but to really solve it the web likely needs new tools. Unfortunately, thanks… Read More »

Browsers at Odds With Web Developers Over ‘Adaptive Images’

The web design community continues to debate the merits and drawbacks of the WHATWG’s proposed adaptive images solution. As we reported last week, a new srcset attribute has been added to the <img> element in the WHATWG’s HTML specification. The new attribute will allow developers to specify different sized images based on the user’s screen… Read More »