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Boing Boing’s Redesign Uncovers the Dark Side of Web Fonts

Culture news site Boing Boing recently tried a daring experiment — redesign its immensely popular website using some largely untested tools of the open web. Unfortunately for Boing Boing, its ambitious plan resulted in a small disaster. The team decided to use CSS3′s @font-face rule in its recent site redesign, which would enable it to… Read More »

Mozilla Throws Its Weight Behind Improving Web Type, Adopts WOFF for Firefox

Firefox users will soon gain the ability to see an even greater diversity of fonts on web pages. Mozilla announced Tuesday that version 3.6 of Firefox, due by the end of the year, will support the new Web Open Font Format, orWOFF. Web authors will be able to include WOFF fonts in their page designs… Read More »