Beautiful Websites: Slippy for Presentations

By | September 10, 2015

Jordi Boggiano has created Slippy, a lightweight library for building animated, browser-based slideshow presentations. Slippy is very simple — check out a short demo and view the source code. Grab the code from github.

It’s written in HTML and it uses JQuery for the interactions (touch the space bar, use the arrow keys, or click the mouse to go to the next slide). It also uses Syntax Highlighter, a bit of JavaScript that pretties up snippets of code — we use Syntax Highlighter for tutorials here on Webmonkey — so it’s especially useful for presentations where you’re showing code examples. Jordi points out that Slippy can run your scripts in pretty alert() boxes (rather than the standard, boring browser alerts) to show your examples in action.

Composing a presentation is simple. Just hack a basic HTML file. Each slide is in its own <div>, and all the markup beyond that is standard HTML. Bravo!

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