Bazooka: An Open-Source Tumblr You Host Yourself

By | September 11, 2015

Tumblelogs are the hot new thing in blogging. They are basically blogs for people who don’t have time to blog. Tumblelogs favor short posts, videos and pictures rather than long posts, daily musings or editorial think-pieces. I sort of have one, though I don’t have any pictures in my posts, so I’ve always just called it a “link log.”

Tumblr is the software app at the head of the movement. Tumblr is a hosted service, but they also offer a BYO-webhost version.

Now there’s a tumblelog app for the DIY set. Bazooka is written in PHP, runs on any server with PHP/MySQL and is an open-source application with code licensed under the GPL. If you like to get your hands dirty — like if you prefer Movable Type over TypePad — then give Bazooka a shot.

It was coded up by Evan Walsh and it’s only at version 1.0. The default interface is pretty bare, but most PHP hackers will see that as more of an advantage than a disadvantage. To that end, it’s skinnable. If you come up with any cool customizations, go to Evan’s site let him know.

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