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Enterprise Resource Planning

“Optimize the company’s business processes by IWCn ERPs” OBJECTIVES IWCn offers ERP modules implementation for companies that look for strengthening their competitive edge with smart technology and business process engineering.To address your business needs IWCn offers scalable and cost-effective solutions approach and relevant industry/domain experience.

Content Management System

“We spend a lot of time researching New technologies and Product Capabilities.” WHAT IS CMS ? A CMS design used for simplifying the web content publication to websites and allowing the content writers in their submission without any requirement of technical knowledge of HTML or file uploading is known as webcontent management system. Web Content Management System can be in short known as WCMS or Web CMS.

Flash Design & Presentations

“IWCn has the mastery over Flash Animation tools and given it a new identity..” BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY IWCn has the ability to actively engage your browsers by capturing their attention in a unique and interactive way that standard HTML sites cannot. We employ techniques that allow search engines to crawl your Flash website, helping you improve… Read More »

Graphic Design and Multimedia

“IWCn is fully aware of the importance of a relevant advertising strategy. “ FULLY INTEGRATED IWCn is first and foremost a creative, youthful and dynamic multimedia Solution company, fully aware of the importance of a relevant advertising strategy. Fully integrated into a competitive advertising cluster, our company puts its talent and savoir-faire to work for… Read More »