6 Useful jQuery 1.4 Resources

By | August 17, 2015

Celebrating jQuery 4th birthday, the jQuery team has released jQuery 1.4 today!
The new release is packed with new features, enhancements and performance increases. So, in order to spread jQuery 1.4 awareness, I’ve compiled a list of 6 useful jQuery 1.4 resources to help you get familiar with the new version.

The jQuery team is also accepting donations and giving free jQuery eBooks for those who donate more than $20.

1. jQuery 1.4 Released

This article was made to announce the release of jQuery 1.4 and to celebrate jQuery 4th birthday. Here they’ll give you a quick tour some of the things that have been changed or added and how to use them properly.

2. The 15 New jQuery 1.4 Features you Must Know

Right after the release of jQuery 1.4, net.tutsplus.com has released a tutorial about some of the new features. In this tutorial, James Padolsey goes through 15 new features of jQuery 1,4 and explains how to use every single one of them.

3. How jQuery 1.4 Fixed Live Methods

In this article Neeraj goes through some of the events that were not supported by live methods in jQuery 1.3.2 like blur, focus, mouseenter, mouseleave, change and submit and how they were fixed by the jQuery team for the release of jQuery 1.4.

4. jQuery 1.4 Improves Code and Solves IE Issues

The guys over at dzone.com go through the steps the jQuery team took in order to make its code less complex and the issues jQuery 1.3.2 had with event bubbling in internet explorer.

5. Easing in jQuery 1.4

James Padolsey explains how to make use of the possibility of defining an easier function for each property that you’re animating in jQuery 1.4.

6. jQuery 1.4 API Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet for the latest release of jQuery that is available in html, pdf and jpeg.

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