6 CSS Tutorials That Take You From Beginner to Expert

By | August 24, 2015

In today’s world wide web, CSS is the most used method of styling websites. The use of tables is now mostly a thing of the past, even though you might still come across old websites once in a while that use tables for layout once in a while. There are tons of reasons why one should use CSS to layout a website over any other method.

With millions of websites being created every month, knowing how to create a website in today’s world is becoming almost as important as knowing how to drive a car. In this article I will show you 6 tutorials you need to go through in order to go from knowing absolutely nothing about CSS, to writing advanced CSS code.

1. The Very Basics of CSS

To learn the very basics of CSS there is no better resource out there than w3schools’ CSS tutorials. Here they explain CSS’ syntax and show you about all its selectors, properties and values.

It’s definitely worth it to check them out because they provide awesome tutorials for other languages like PHP, JavaScript, and more!

2. Mastering the Basics of CSS

In this article, Soh Tanaka thoroughly explains how the most important elements CSS work. This article is perfect for those who kinda know the very basics of CSS but don’t understand them 100%.

3. Creating a CSS Layout From Scratch

Once you have basic understanding of CSS works, it’s time to learn w3schools’ basic CSS tutorials before going through this one.
In this tutorial Steve Dennis takes you step by step how to effectively use the CSS float property, create a CSS navigation menu and much more.

So if you’ve always wondered how to create a website from scratch using CSS, this isthe tutorial to read!

4. CSS Snippets to Save Time and Effort

This list of CSS Code Snippets has been created to save us time and effort since these type of snippets shown in this tutorial might be useful when developing a new theme.

5. Advanced CSS Techniques

If you’re interested to further enhance your CSS skills, you might want to take a look at this list of 10 Challenging But Awesome CSS Techniques to add some more spice to your CSS design.

6. The Future of CSS

The future of CSS lies in CSS3. Unfortunately, around 25% of the internet users cannot see CSS3 attributes yet because they’re using old browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

It’s time to introduce CSS3 features into our projects and not be afraid to gradually incorporate CSS3 properties and selectors in our style sheets. Making our clients aware of the advantages of CSS3 (and letting older deprecated browsers fade away) is in our power, and we should act on it, especially if it means making websites more flexible and reducing development and maintenance costs.

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